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​​Sometimes strong and stormy, sometimes soft and tranquil, the Ocean is always fluid as is the best tennis regardless of playing style. Creative Tennis Concepts (CTC) believes that all students who have a love for tennis and the process of learning also have the capacity to reach their individual tennis-related goals. CTC offers 'outside the factory' tennis instruction in Brentwood, Santa Monica & Bel Air and specializes in Tennis Tournament Training for ADULTS & JUNIORS who already love tennis and are SERIOUS about improving and expanding their TENNIS IQ & COMPETIVE EDGE. The ultimate goal is to make sure each student has the knowledge, perspective and skills to learn and grow from the tumult of competition—not to end up confused and demoralized by it...

Whether you're the parents of a JUNIOR USTA TOURNAMENT PLAYER wanting 'outside the tennis factory' instruction to help your young person 'take it to the next level,' an ADULT looking to further develop and enhance their game, or a serious player of any age wanting 'specific focus' before an upcoming tournament/competition, CTC CAN HELP.

CTC believes that the best thing a tennis instructor can do—besides truly care—is assist the student in developing their own unique style in the context of sound tennis fundamentals that can be replicated under pressure. The idea is to help the student create a game that he or she will want to play at the highest level possible, a game the student will be excited about 'perfecting' over time. While tennis is of course a game to win, CTC believes that the student will win more tennis matches (and use losses more constructively) if the student enjoys playing their own unique brand of tennis and knows WHY they have chosen to play the way they play. CTC works with each student to cultivate his or her tennis game while also educating the student about the 'gives and takes' of various styles of play. Again, CTC wants students to activate and enhance their Tennis IQ—and use it creatively in both practice and match play.

All classes are taught by Mark Woods, a former ranked junior and long-time student of the game. Mark still works on his game almost daily and continues to obsessively learn about the sport he loves. Because tennis is a living and evolving game, Mark believes that a teacher should be familiar with and able to illustrate all aspects of the modern game along with some very useful yet often overlooked 'classical' techniques as well. A love of learning and the necessity of pushing themselves is what Mark wants to impart to his students. His creative (and unconventional) approaches are focussed on 'ball-striking' and 'counter-impulse tennis discipline.' Mark's tennis instruction is designed to communicate a wide range of tennis concepts in ways that are immediately accessible—meaning a student should see improvement from the first tennis instruction session forward. Almost all instruction is conducted in Santa Monica at Reed Park (7th & Wilshire)—occassionally Ocean View Park (2701 Barnard Way). Mark will also travel to private residences in Brentwood, Bel Air, and other Westside locations for an additional $50 per session.

PREFERRED 2-HOUR TENNIS TOURNAMENT TRAINING SESSIONS are $150. This is the best format (and value) for JUNIOR & ADULT players wanting to cover virtually all aspects of their game in one session. All 2-Hour Sessions are accompanied by an emailed report summarizing the progress made, what to work on and things to keep in mind. [However, if you're only interested in 1 Hour at a time, Mark's tennis instruction rate is a straight $95 per hour.]

Call or Text Mark @ 310-663-4703. Thank you for your interest!​​


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